Dear Reader, being an optimist is always in vogue..

Only the other day my father showed me this post on WhatsApp, where there was this quote which went on like-“There’s something to learn from both optimists and pessimists. Optimists build aeroplanes and pessimists design parachutes.” And even though this quote strikes balance between the two, to me, being an optimist is just..In vogue..Maybe it’s just the Ravenclaw philosophy of faking it till you make it that’s making me say this but..yes, my experience tells me that even when you’re having emotional meltdowns,  the way out of that labyrinth of suffering (okay , one of them) is to be optimistic, no matter if it’s just pretending. Pretending just works. It’s hard, but when it works, it works miracles. I just feel it in my bones, my mind becoming sexier, better and I don’t know it just helps to deal with all the chaos.