Dear Reader, my Marauders just lighten up my day

It rained down, literally and metaphorically, on me. And I desperately tried to run away from those thick Nimbus clouds that hung around my day, writing on this very blog about optimism. Told ya, can’t be sure these days even about your own words.

But as the curtains fell, the day sunk, the night rose, the clock ticked, all the thoughts and tears and all things dark and ugly that I kept bottled up started to shatter me inside out. I wanted it all to fade away, the light, the dark, the people, the things,everything. I murmured the words of consolation to myself, I imagined screaming, yeah that’s something you do, you imagine when the world puts constraints.

Conjured my Patronus, called Padfoot and his voice just pulls me away from the dementors. We talked, not about the day and how screwed up I felt but about those stupid little things of school which I am sure the actual Marauders(The Originals of Wizarding World) talked of too whenever they felt low. Hung up, called Moony ’cause at least one of the Marauders always has to know the real reason behind your tears, behind your fears and sometimes Moony just understands things better than Padfoot.

I think at least tonight I’ll sleep better with no weight pulling me down. I know there’s another battle for tomorrow but there’s enough hope to fight that as long as I have my Moony and Padfoot by my side, until then “Mischief Managed.”

-xoxo Prongs