Why I started this blog?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


I want the world to know that there exists someone like me.Someone willing to hear, someone who wants to be heard.

Dear Reader,

When we sometimes do something good or when we say something so elegant that for one moment we think that yes, we have done something at last, that all the meaning there is in world is known to us, we sometimes wonder if someone else will know what we’ve just done. Would the spark of insight that was ignited inside us be acknowledged? Will people look at us with awe and will they talk about us? We wonder and wonder and wonder but we never know. It’s a terrible emotion with terrific beauty so enchanting that even the most articulate of writers cannot pen it down.

I write today because I want people to know that I, indeed, have ignited that spark.I write today because I want to know that someone else too did ignite that spark in other life, other dimension.

I want to believe that people understand. I want to believe that I am needed. Be it a stranger staring at the blank screen,wanting to be heard. You know how Peter in Tonight the streets are ours just wanted to be heard? How Charlie in Perks of being a Wallflower poured his heart out to an anonymous friend? How Cath in Fangirl befriended people who were made of nothing but ink and paper? I want to be that anonymous friend to someone. I want to be that ink and paper.


Author: Aria

An inveterate writer and reader. Suffering from Drapetomania. New to blogging world. Part nerd-part hipster. Living for the moment, for today.

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